Great as a birthday party activity

Organizing birthday party….

Have you ever thought that organizing a child’s birthday party is all about choosing the venue, making/ordering sandwiches, and cake, and sending out invitations? The rest will be arranged by the children, entertaining each other.

Were you wrong? Was there boring-rushing chaos? Have you vowed to prepare next time with programs that grab the kids ’attention? Did you think this could be any craft activity, for example? Do you think this is just a good program for girls? Do you think this is age-dependent?

Several of the craft activities I have planned can be used as a birthday party program. Why do I recommend it, why do I think it is a good pastime?

  • Craft activity project catches their attention for 1-1.5 hours.
  • They are happy with the result, they can take home what they made, so they get a gift too.
  • Their hand-eye coordination is developing, which is important in preschool and elementary school age.
  • Imagination and creativity are developing, this is important from a young age to adulthood, regardless of age.

Yes, you have to put energy into it: you have to explain some steps, you have to help here and there. But I will help you. You don’t just get step-by-step instructions. I also show you several decorating ideas to help start their fantasies. Wonderful ideas are always born when you have seen in my examples how many different possibilities there are.

I still think it’s worth it because you avoid chaos and you can even enjoy seeing that every kid is differently creative. I always really enjoy observing which kid to feel for the task and figure out their own versions.

  • It does not require expensive materials or expensive tools. Paper, glue, scissors, paints, colored pencils, felts, possibly yarn.
Papercraft project as a birthday party activity. Using scissors, colored pens, pencils, paints. Templates, pattern to color.
  • You’re not making a lot of dirt, a tablecloth and a few worn-out T-shirts will be enough as a “precaution”.

It doesn’t require any training from you either, all you have to do is read my step-by-step instructions in advance and think a little. It’s also a good strategy to sit down between them and do your own paper item with them too so you can show them directly what to do.

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